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NZ Idol Community

All about NZ Idol

NZ Idol
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About the NZ Idol Community

This is a LiveJournal community for anyone who wants to gossip, bitch and moan and celebrate NZ Idol (and, oh, why not, Australian Idol too).

It's for people who find themselves reluctantly sucked into the Idol phenomenon, unwilling victims of the mighty Idol, but who eventually find themselves lovin' it and just can't get it out of their heads.

I want to keep things pretty open and unrestricted, but I have limited tolerance for badly written posts either of the "Yay!!!!" or "Sucks!!!!" variety. Excitement is good, but sometimes it's best to calm down a little first.

We're here to enjoy, so come along and join the Idol fun.

About me

My name is Robyn. I live in Auckland and after having my 2004 television viewing pleasure enhanced/life ruined by NZ Idol, I am very excited about the Idol II.

I have a LJ secretpassage, and I have a website.

I don't have any connection with any of the Idols, so don't email me asking if [whoever] can sing at your friend's wedding cos I have no idea how to arrange that.

Useful Idol Links

Idol Blog - A really comprehensive fansite with good discussion forums.

NZ Idol - The official site. Take with a grain of salt.