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Finally [Oct. 17th, 2005|11:06 pm]
NZ Idol

Rosita cha cha cha. Rosita cha cha cha.

I ended up going along to the Idolblog grand final party. It was lots of fun seeing the show unfold on the giant ex-IMAX screen, while dishing out sarcastic comments. Nothing says Idol more than a room full of screaming teenage girls.

Righto, so this is what I have to report (in a possibly mixed-up order).

We have fond memories of the top 24. We remember Marcel, Lissel and Saelyn as being "quite good". We wish they'd made it to the top 10 ahead of Frank, Ashley and Shelley. But then they were invited back and sang "Crazy" and they weren't very good. They don't have two months' worth of experience on the Idol stage that the others do. They all seemed to be singing around each other, not with each other.

Steve(n), Jesse, Frank and Rongo sang "Tainted love". It was a little awkward because it's a really bitter anti-love song and most of them were treating it like a spiritual. Steve smiled too much. Then finally the Merkin gave it some growl. Yeah, Jesse's been to bad and back. He knows.

Then the Shelly, Ashley, Keshia and Teresa sang "Walking on sunshine." Y'know, that was originally performed by Katrina and the Waves. Yes, I'm sure the good people of New Orleans will be pleased to hear that. Teresa and Keshia were operating in full-on diva mode, while Shelley and Ashley just kind of stood at their sides.

Frankie and Jackie did a duet together. Frankie seemed much cooler and smoother than he does behind the judges desk. Jackie was totally totally channelling her inner black woman. I can't remember what song they sang. :( Paul's contribution to this judge's talent portion was to feed the sharks at Kelly Tarlton's.

Rosita sang "Dangerously in love", Nik sang "Let's stay together" h(awt). They're both rather good. I didn't vote because I couldn't pick a favourite - either they were both really good, or both really average.

Suddenly Lummis showed up. He's got hair now, which was styled in a lop-sided fauxhawk. He duetted with his fiancee, Sela. They were really good, harmonising deliciously and had super chemistry. It was the shocking, unexpected highlight of the evening.

Finally the Envelope of Fate arrived and Dominic revealed that the winner was Rosita. Hooray! Sadly, this is the one elimination where the loser doesn't get to sing a farewell song. Oh well. I'm sure Nik will have other chances. Interestingly enough, there was no mention of Nik also getting a record contract

When Rosita performed her winner's song, at the end of the song the stage rose up. It wobbled, looking not unlike a prop from an early episode of Doctor Who.

Ok, so now Rosita has to go and record an album in about a week. Best of luck, yes.
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Two for one deal [Oct. 16th, 2005|09:03 pm]
NZ Idol

It's the grand royale finale extravaganza. Is this rool exciting? Yeah... me neither.

The show starts with a recap from last week's elimination, featuring Steve(n)'s dliplomatic loser's smile in slow motion.

The audience screams a lot and Nik and Rosita are introduced. They are both wearing black - Rosita in a black jacket and pants; Nik in dark pants and a totally gay sparkle disco shirt. They duet on "Upside down". They sound flickin' awesome, but there isn't much interaction. It's almost like they're each singing their own thing on stage.

The judges talk about how, like, this is the final and, like, it's all come down to this.

Rosita talks about how much hard work Idol is. Yes, we feel her pain. She wants to unleash "whatever's inside of me". Rosita's first song is "How come you don't call me". It's good. It's back to that old-style Rosita where she was rich and chocolately good, where she went for the high notes that she could do and avoided that tricky lower register. It was splendid.

Next we are trated to a montage of Daniel from the top 24 and his larking about. He appears to have some sort of stunt training and can fall down and jump off stuff without any hassle. But then the montage had him coming across as a six-year-old who's thrown away his ADD medication.

Nik's first song of the evening is "Never too much". It's a Luther Vandross song, but it reminds me of the "Moonlighting" theme song. He fluffs a note with his voice wavering all over the place. I dunno. This seemed to be the sort of thing that I would have expected from Nik in the early weeks. It didn't light my fire... much.

Next we see Nik and Rosita moving out of the Idol house and into a hotel room - one hotel room. They giggle and note the flashness. Nik suggests they push the beds together. Oh, I'm so glad Steve didn't make it to the final.

Now it's Rosita's turn to sing the Idol sing, "All I ask". It, like most Idol winners songs, employs clever use of non-specifics that could either refer to the Idol journey or life in general. It's not the sort of song that is normally heard in the charts these days. It reminds me of the sort of thing that my school choir used to sing back in the '80s. But Rositao does a decent version.

The good people of downtown Auckland ("New Zealand") are polled on who they think will win. Remarkably, it's an even call, with the last punter saying it will be close. Oh, true, ow?

Nik is up next with his take on "All I ask". You can tell it's different, because he's singing it on a stool. This is international pop shorthand for being really serious and "keeping" it "real". He is a bit wobbly in places, but I somehow like this version better than Rosita's.

And Rosita is back to reprise "Golden". It's another splendid performance. She gets an uber note in and finishes with a b-girl pose. Jackie remarks on the freedom and attitude in the song. Yes! Rosita has personality.

Finally Nik is back to reprise his slowed-down version of "I believe in a thing called love". Yeah, it's good. Oh - Nik is wearing a satin shirt that emphasises his chest. He should, like, take his shirt off. OMG yes.

Ok, well that's it. Yeah, that's it - the last performance show of NZ Idol 2005. I'm pleased with how it's ended up.

But here's the question - do you vote for your favourite, or do you vote for your second favourite so that your fave comes second and has more time to record their album (assuming they get a contract too). Well, either way, the winner isn't Frank or Ashley or Jesse, so I'm happy.
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Shiny loses his shine [Oct. 10th, 2005|08:41 pm]
NZ Idol

A running commentaryCollapse )
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Clunk! [Oct. 10th, 2005|08:36 pm]
NZ Idol

Let us rejoice, for the grand finalists are Rosita and Nik. Yay. I like them both. It's interesting that (UK) Pop Idol 2 and Australian Idol 2 both had a cute guy and an overweight woman as their finalists, and in both cases, the lady won. This might fare well for Rosita, but considering the lack of subsequent music success for Michelle McManus and Casey Donovan, perhaps it wouldn't work out all that well for Rosita either.

And so long, Steve(n) from Invercargill with the shiny, shiny, oh-so-shiny blonde hair. Oh how we will miss your shininess and blondeness. We will also miss your also hidden Southland bogan charm, and your wholesome, virginal Christianity. Best wishes for the future, Steve)n). A position on the secondary stage at Parachute '06 awaits.
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(no subject) [Oct. 10th, 2005|08:36 pm]
NZ Idol

Ciao Steve.

Thank God (the lord jesus christ and saviour bless his holy name)
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(no subject) [Oct. 9th, 2005|09:37 pm]
NZ Idol

It's all happening people people people and tonight it's
Luuurrve Songs

What will we get? Ballads that have stood the test of time? modern ballads? Uptempo love songs?

Speaking of which they open with
If I let You Go
Ah fond memories.
The only one who comes through this any good is Rosita. Steven is too loud and blundery, Nik is too breathy and "lovey-dovey" and he misses a great opportunity to crack out a big note.

Paul Ellis had some fast love from George Michael.
Nik - Someone To Love
Nik's gonna "pull it out" tonight.

I'm not familiar with this song at all and it's extremely average. Nik sings it well, I suppose, but if you have nothing to work with then it's hard to score points. Love songs need intensity and focus but Nik is bopping around and smiling and it misses the mark, both emotionally and performance-wise. His "Let me Love You" audition clip was better than this. He'll only have himself to blame if he falls because of song choice.

Steve..n - Your Song
The great white hope.....picks the perfect song for this sort of show with Elton John's classic.
Steven keeps it very simple which is good when your voice isn't that great. It means that when he cranks it up for the higher stuff it sounds impressive; contrast is the key to keeping the audience interested and Steven controls it pretty well. A true idol would've gone for a Ewen MacGregor/Moulin Rouge treatment but Steven doesn't have the voice and he's not a true idol. He's still out of tune on the soft parts but the over-all performance is good.

Rosita - I Can't Tell You Why
Soul girl tackles The Eagles? Very interesting.
Luckily it's one of the Eagles easy-listening tracks perfect for 'nesian karaoke comps. It's not particularly heart-tugging in any sort of way, much like Nik's song, but because it's well known it comes across as a good performance. The better the song, the better people react. The funk break in the middle wasn't Rosita, she barely sung, but it gives her great kudos.

Nik - Is This Love
Nik comes out with a chance to write his name in the final but promptly destroys all the boppers faith in him by choosing Bob Marley.
What the hell was he thinking? When you hear this song you think Reggae, not Love Song. Nik bops and and smiles and has a spiral or two and it's a good vocal reggae performance. But who want this at their wedding? Or accompanying a candle-lit dinner? Or dancing with your sweetheart?
Nik is going home, not from lack of talent, but from consistent mediocrity.

Steve..n - Burn for You
Another great choice. Steve keeps the tempo down and delivers very much a similar performance to his first. It's simple, out of tune at times, but effective because he's "doing what he's been told to do" and that is to sing Love Songs. Frankie accuses him of not being committed enough to the song and he's right, Steven hasn't yet been able to convey anything other than bland emotion in his face, yet he's going to be in the final. It's a crying shame, but that's how it's panned out.

Rosita - Dangerously In Love
An excellent choice. rosita has picked a song tailor-made for her voice and thankfully shunned the raft of Whitney lovesongs we were treated to in the early stages of the comp. Big notes win votes and Rosita's going to get plenty tonight, her voice is pure and soaring and the song is written on her face. She means it, she wants it, she will get it. It's the only performance that I believed tonight.

Nik is going home.

I have to admit though, that I'm pretty disappointed in tonight's songs. Nik totally missed the boat and Rosita's first song was average too. But that's been the trend of the series. Mediocrity abounds.
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(no subject) [Oct. 5th, 2005|02:20 am]
NZ Idol

Just a Poll, cos im curious (Hope this is allowed!)

Read more...Collapse )
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Relax, Focus and Deliver [Oct. 3rd, 2005|09:16 pm]
NZ Idol

It's the hour-long top-four elimination extravaganza! It's exciting because with only four of them, they can all fit on the one stool.

Dom quizzes them on their relaxation techniques. Nik says the group say a prayer before they go on, Jesse talks about the breathing technique vocal coash Suzanne taught them, and Steve(n) reveals that they sing a little ditty, "Relax, focus and deliver." This is my new life motto - seriously.

Last night's performances are recapped, then last night's group song, "Glorifilia" is reprised. Strangely enough, it actually seems better seeing it tonight. Maybe it's all the tension in the air from elimination night. Ooooh!

The judges then give their picks as to who they think will be in the bottom two tonight. All three pick Jesse and Steve. Based on the judges vs voting public splits of previous shows, this should be an ominous warning for Nik and Rosita.

In an audition flashback, a fellow sings "Born to be wild" badly. The judges don't like him. Righto.

Dom asks the Idols about their auditions. Steve doesn't regret singing "Tomorrow" (from "Annie"!), and says it showed off his high range. Then we're treated to a flashback to the auditions of the four. Jesse knew what to do the second time around! Rosita was really hungry! Nik was just as smooth and styly! And Steve had shiny shiny (though not as blonde) hair.

And finally it's bottom-two time. The first pair to hear their fate is Nik and Steve. The curse of the judges's predictions strikes again and, shockingly, Nik is revealed to be in the bottom two. Noooo! He's my special favourite! He didn't suck last week. Damn Steve(n)'s shiny shiny shiny hair!

After some vox pops from kids at St Lukes, then we get Jackie talking about her first day on the job as an Idol judge. She says she didn't realise what it would be like being confronted with so many bad singers. Then Frankie talks about the judging experience, with a few evil glares from Jackie at his more blunt rejections. Paul complains about unironed T-shirts.

Top 60 revisited. Jesse says he's a "well-rounded contestant". The Idols talk about their performances. They are nervous! Excited! They all sing quite well! There are many sequals of delight when they learn they've made it to the top 24.

Back on the stools, Jesse reveals that he and Steve "share a room at Idol House." Just like Ben and Michael. Over in Siberia, Nik says he liked the theatre round cos he got to sing with Marino (Remember Marino? Some do.)

Now it's time for Nik's journey home. He's in Masterton, even though he doesn't live there no more. He visits his old primary school and the kids wuv him. We meet his nan. She's awfully proud of him. And we get to see pics of li'l cowboy Nik, the junior country singer. His mum talks about how he's a bit of a perfectionist.

Top 24 revisited. Remember Marcel, Clark, Christine, Kevin, Saelyn and Lissel? Some do. The judges talk about the talent of those six, and speculate on why they didn't quite have what it takes. Jackie, however, reckons Lissel was robbed.

Back to the bench, and this time it's between Rosita and Jesse. Will the curse strike again and put Rosita on the other stool? No! It's Jesse's turn again. Yay! Rosita is safe!

It's crunch time. And it's a really loud, excruciating crunch. Hamiltron or Mastertron? It's... Jesse. Farewell, portly daddy. The gravel-voiced family man has his Idol journey recapped, then he tells his whaunau that he'll be home soon and thanks everyone. Jesse reprises "No Ordinary Thing", and it's deep and touching (awww...). Is it a case of the performer with nothing to lose going for it? Farewell, Jesse. We will miss you and your goatee.

Hey, next week Nik, Rosita and shiny Steve will sing love songs for us. Can't wait.
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Butt [Oct. 3rd, 2005|09:52 am]
NZ Idol

I hate Zed but that was the least nauseating group song that they've done so far.

I'm not big on The Holidaymakers and I miss the funky hanging chime things from the video but Rosita's got it going on, if she'd just lose that shawl cardy thing that they have draped her with.

I'm not a gay man but I still would like to get into Nik's pants, even in that leisure suit jacket.

I don't like the Merkin but I too have been drunk and sung along to this song, so I feel like we're on the same level and I can excuse the finger waggling. Oh no wait, no I can't. This is bad even for him, right? His wife is purty. I was thinking about buying that top she's wearing. It's from Farmers.

I think this is a pussyass song from Shihad compared to many but I like the way Steve(n) sings it. That might have a lot to do with the memories that this song carries for me, given that the first time I heard it was at True Colours when I was fresh from the bed of a lovely young man not very much older than Shiny Shiny Steve(n). Yes indeed I have always been a dirty old woman. And how could we not love how humbled he looks when he gets praise?

I don't like Annie Crummer but I love Rosita. This outfit is much better. She's so going to come second overall, because of:

I didn't like Evermore's first 'Oil and Water' blandyawn song, but I like "It's Too Late" and I LOVE LOVE LOVE Nik doing it. If only he had an actual band playing with him. I always knew he could do this.

I may not admit it that loudly on NZM, but I'm rather fond of this Opshop ditty too. But not The Merkin's version. I tried closing my eyes but I could still see him, and it's too gritty and oh, it's just not nice.

I will never admit to liking the feelers, but oh Steve(n), you're so shiny. I will fight Jackie adn her pretty outfit tonight for you.
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Unsalted Nuts [Oct. 2nd, 2005|09:03 pm]
NZ Idol

What is going on? It's the final four. Things should be hotting up. The contestants should be rarking up their Idol skillz and really kicking some arse. We should be getting those performances that cause people to fall out of their chairs, yes?

"Tonight is a very special night," apparently, because it's all New Zealand music. Where is this "Ay-a-tee-a-row-a" that Dominic speaks of?

The group song is Zed's "Glorifilia" and they still don't sound like a cohesive group. If Backstreet Boys and Nsync, with five members, can sing in unison and not sound like a pub singalong, why can't these four manage it? If only there was a Kiwi boyband whose songs they could cover. (No, the dudes who did the Rainbow's End theme don't count.)

Hey, guess what? Oh, we're getting two songs per preformer this week. Chur.

Rosita is singing "Sweet Lovers". It's almost secret, but this isn't really a New Zealand song. It was written and originally released by the splendid Mr Bill Withers, then a few years the Holidaymakers released a soundalike cover that was a massive hit in Aotearoa New Zealand. It's a strange choice. Rosita's version transforms the cheesy Jamaican sunshine sound of the "original" into a more laidback R&B-tinged version. Her voice struggles in places, but it's all right, y'know.

Let's have a bad audition! It's a fellow squeezing out a rubbish rendition of "Under the Bridge". Frankie suggests he take his rasta hat off his ears. After the inevitable rejection, his mum tells him he's a star.

Next Nik is up with Ardijah's "Watching you". I was really into Ardijah when I was 10, so this excites me. It's another contemporary arragement and it's light and sunny and makes me want to frollick in a park on a summer's afternoon. However, it's not Nik's best, but it is better than most others.

Jesse seems to have mistaken the show for the half-time entertainment at a rugby game (mate) and sings the Exponents "Why Does Love Do This To Me". He brings absolutely nothing to it. In fact, I'd say that his version is actually less entertaining than hearing a stadium full of footy fans singing it. Add to that, it's also another gravelly Jesse rock song. Boring.

Steve(n) says he's come back to "the kid who just threw a hope and a dream into the wind." Please, let's not talk about wind. He's doing a Shihad song, "Walls" (from their "Please love us, America" Pacifier phase). There were rumours on the internets that this was kick-arse, but I'm not getting that. It's bland. It's as mousy and dull as Steve's regrowth. Steve has got rid of most of his nervousness, but he's now on par with where the others were about three weeks ago.

Rosita is back with "Language", originally sung by Annie Crummer. It's nice, but not splendid. I'm not feeling it tonight, man. I want something fantabulous.

Next Nik returns with his version of Evermore's "Ride On". It's true - it was a better vocal performance than the original. Yeah, I liked it, and I really like that Nik is getting some variety in there, unlike the Merkin. "I'm enjoying the ride," says Nik. Ride on, man.

The Merkin's second song is "No Ordinary Thing" by Opshop. Well, it's better than the Exponents tune, and it's nice to see Jesse slowing it down a bit (for the laydeez?), but it's just a bit boring.

Finally Steve(n) returns with a Feelers song, "Stand Up". It was as dull as unsalted peanut butter. That is all I have to say.

Where was the splendidness? Am I missing somethin'? Do we need to call for the return of Frank to spice things up? Should I have watched this ep under the influence of P? :(
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