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Signed, Sealed, Delivered. First up is Wiremu. He loves his hair.… - NZ Idol Community [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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[Aug. 13th, 2006|08:37 pm]
NZ Idol


Signed, Sealed, Delivered.

First up is Wiremu.
He loves his hair.
And apparently he loves his hair.

Wiremu "Oughtta be in Love - Dave Dobbyn"
Wizzy plays it real easy with this song. He sings it almost in an anal by-the-book way. He starts to loosen up later but it's just so boring and unimaginative that you wonder if he's trying...or whether this is simply as good as it gets. When Paul Ellis talked about "puddles in the parking lot being deeper than [Filipo's] performance" in Season 1.....he was really talking about this one. Wiremu's voice sounds nice...but if that's Top 10 material then George Bush is in Iraq for Democracy.

Stephen "You Will Know - Black Men United"
Stephen gets up and moves pretty easily on stage with an unknown song. His voice has a funny nasally tone to it, but there's a little bit of soul behind it. Unfortunately his face is utterly blank and there's nothing in the song to save the performance.

Vicki "Last Dance - Donna Summer"
This song is a dance classic and requires a good belter to do it justice. Vicki is in the lucky position of taking over from pregnant-wouldbe-man-killer Georgina. She gives it a damn good go but she simply doesn't have the voice to pull it off. It turns into more of a yelling performance - the shots of her screwed up face straining for notes made me cringe.

Toni "Bathe in the River - Mt Roskill/Hollie Smith"
Toni looks the part and it's nice to see someone choose a relevant song. Toni's voice sounds real tired though - too much practise? It starts off as a lovely soulful performance but Toni had nowhere to go after that and tries to bellow out some big notes - cue cringe-worthy facials and uncomfortable notes. She's mucked up big time and a cold is NO excuse. As an artist you find ways to get around it and an acoustic performance is the perfect vehicle for making a performance your own (apologies for the cliche) ie. If you can't hit those notes then change the line! Don't go back and do the same crap sound again 30 seconds later.

Victor "Can We Talk - Tevin Campbell"
What's with all the unknown songs? But Victor steps up to the plate and turns in the first decent performance of the night. Victor uses his voice well, sings with a good consistent tone and turns it up when he needs to, hopping into "Victor spirals" but keeping it controlled. It hardly sets the world on fire...but beggars can't be choosers.

Indira "Love Will Lead You Back - Taylor Dayne"
This is a great song and not one often performed by the girlies. Great for showing off with and Indira puts in the hard work and opens up the big big voice remiscent of Maselina and Rosita last year. She pushed a bit sharp sometimes but it was no contest when you look at the rest of the contestants.

What a crap show.
This year is severely disappointing

Top 3
Vicki was the most interesting of the rest.
Toni might get in based on her exposure during the show so far.
Wiremu might get the hair vote.

[User Picture]From: starshone_storm
2006-08-13 09:10 am (UTC)
Indira, Victor...er...Toni I think.
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