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Coming at you live from the 03 [Aug. 7th, 2006|11:51 am]
NZ Idol


Since phantomb covered the actual singing part of Idol, I can talk about the stuff that actually matters, which means of course making fun of people.

I think I like the idea of them doing the theatre performances. I was quite impressed by 'Kids' which they all performed first - not on any musical or entertainment level really, but compared to the usual Idol shambles that group songs usually are, this seemed to be up to the standard of Finals Night, if you know what I mean. Which of course isn't a very high standard at all. And yes, I'm aware that my opinions of Idol are going to be even worse than usual since I am so into Rockstar. But having someone play what appears to be live piano offstage helps in cutting back on the squelchy backing tracks, so that's a good start.

Dominic is of course still waaaaay too orange. I agree with pretty much everything the judges say, but I'm surprised at how much harsher they are than in the old serieses. I suppose that not having a recording contract as a prize means that they don't have to pretend that anyone could have a hit record.

Unless George is aiming to look like he rides the special short bus, he should learn to actually open his eyes. I dig that he speaks fluent Maori, but what's up with his soundclip? Is he trying to say that Maori can overcome 200 years of oppression by singing and being on Idol? Well, that's a new one I suppose. Perhaps though, rangitiratanga is possible if George assembles an army who all sing Lionel Ritchie really badly (when Lionel sang it bad enough) all the time and drive everyone with ears out of the land.

Ashlee is as cute as a button, but is unfortunately dressed in the only bad outfit of the night. What's up with the slits in that dress? I'm not just talking about the bottom being split on both sides, but also above the (god awful ugly yellow) belt. Why would you slit a dress there? It makes no sense. I'd like to see her stay in though, she seems a thousand times more grown up that whatever that girl who looked like Claire was called last year. Although what's up with the spelling of her name? Or Alyce's, for that matter? And I was going to add in Lenken to that group until I found out he was Iraqi.

Lenken dances like Wrongo danced when he was singing Katchafire, and I think we all know by now how I feel about flavour savours. I thought the song was a fine choice though.

Alyce scrubs up lovely too. I really dig that grey dress, and her haircut. I like Alyce except for when she says she's doing it to make her family proud, not to get a recording contract. That's good dear, because as far as I'm aware, they're not offering a recording contract anymore because no one would take it on board, and they stopped advertising it. Duh.

Clinton working on Static 88.1 means that he is at AUT doing the same degree that I did, so he is therefore my favourite for a couple of reasons - 1. I won a dance contest with my flatmate at the Static Launch party when Eye TV played, and I used to do a segment on my friend's show called 'Creedwatch' when we would catch up with the latest from Mr Stapp and do the stance although you couldn't see that on air and 2. people who do the Communications degree are generally well-spoken and somewhat media savvy, and we so need someone who can produce decent soundbites on this show instead of the usual "duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh" speak of the contestants. I also like that he straight away proclaims where he's coming from by chosing a song done by both Elton John and George Michael. No skulking around toilet blocks for this boy, oh no.

Kali's dress is also very nice, very simple, and she seems wellspoken too, and should do okay for herself. So I'm going to go with Ashlee, Kali and Clinton going through. Or maybe Lenken instead of Ashlee. But you know, she's white, and he's like, a terrorist (obviously). But then again maybe the boppers will want that kind of bad boy...