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And we're back! Here it is live from Christchurch! Blah blah blah… - NZ Idol Community [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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[Aug. 6th, 2006|08:38 pm]
NZ Idol


And we're back!

Here it is live from Christchurch!

Blah blah blah stuff stuff booger booger hurry up and sing already.

George "Truly - Lionel Richie"
- George is 16 and is an amalgam of the worst parts of Frank and Rongo. Hiz un intataynah un wotnot.
It's a sickly sweet Lionel Richie love ballad which George paints by numbers; barely moving until later in the song. Put simply, he just doesn't have the instrument to pull off a great performance. A good effort, but he was under the notes and lacked charisma and charm.
Stables tells it like it is.

Ashlee "I Turn To You - Christina Aguilera"
Ashlee certainly looks the part but does she have the voice and performance class to take it through to the next round?
She struggles with the agility needed for this song, unfortunately it just doesn't translate very well to an acoustic setting. Too many times she hops into her "little girl" voice when she needs to break out the big notes. It's extremely inconsistent throughout and never gets off the ground. She's every bit of her 16 years on stage which is a shame, because she promised a whole heap more from her audition.

Lenken "Brand New Jones - Thicke"
Vocally, this is class. Finally someone steps up and sings something with a bounce and beat. Lenken eats up this funky Jamiroquai-type number. This aint a well-known piece but it works as a complete performance, perhaps his stage manner needs to be a little tighter but it's the best performance tonight so far.

Alyce "Without You - Brooke Fraser"
Alyce starts swaying around to a lounge-type arrangement of Brooke Fraser's stripped back ballad. It's totally boring and forgettable so she's handicapped from the start. Her voice isn't strong enough to pull it off and is horrible exposed especially at the end. She moves around too much (gets stung by Frankie)

Clinton "Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me - Elton John"
Modern songs? This is 30 tears old and no-one says boo.
Clinton doesn't quite pull it off though - inconsistent styling hurts him in that he tries to croon initially, then tries to howl, then tries to hold the long bootiful notes. Clinton has the desire....but I don't think he ha the instrument. He's got a fantastic stage presence though and this'll carry him through deep into the top 10 despite the deficiencies in his voice.

Kali Imagine - John lennon"
A great song choice....if she keeps it simple.
But...no, she tries too hard to put her own spin on it and misses the point of the song. It's a clumsy performance and ends up as Stables said "very self-indulgent". A worrying thing after 3 years at Nasda is the kiwi accent coming through big and strong - nasty stuff.

My Top 3?
who knows? Could be Kali.

NB: Stables was excellent tonight. Didn't pull any punches in telling the idols exactly how it was. Was tough for them to hear....but very necessary.

[User Picture]From: secretpassage
2006-08-06 11:32 am (UTC)
From what I remember, guy Sebastian did a Thicke song, and Thicke repayed the favour by writing him something for his debut album.

Of course, my new work hours mean I don't get to watch any Idol, but maybe I'll set the video for the top 10.
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