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Hi to all, I'm new to this community, thought I'd say hi :P.

And also that I'm just a *littttle* disappointed that Viktor was the first to go..I didn't like him that much but then he started to grow on me..

And I thought there were other people that should have gone instead..

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Here we go, lucky last hurr in Wullington.

Matthew "To Love Somebody - BeeGees"
Ooh good song choice, can Matt make it special? Well, yes he can. He sings consistently with a nice tone, staying away from trills and spills...it's a very satisfying performance - certainly a step up from the two recent shows. Matthew's done himself a world of good with a sound, effective song. Bravo.

Ben "Move Along - All American Rejects"
Ben rocks into this with a whole heap of energy which is great to see. The song suits him pretty well, but he's a little wobbly on occasion. But again, when standing up against the past two shows it's a standout performance. We'll see if it's enough for tonight though.

Aroha "I'll Be There - Jackson 5"
Nice, good energy, clear and confident. Didn't hear it all because I was on the phone but what I did hear was very...pleasant. Not as much soul as Indira, but more voice than Ashlee. A good song and a good performance.

Emilie "All Coming Back to Me Now - Celine Dion"
Nooo, what was she thinking? A naive choice from a 16 year-old with plenty of enthusiasm, unfortunately biting off more than she can chew. She's a fine belter though and her big notes are right in pitch. Problem is that the song is a huge Meatloaf-style song with a lot of power required....doesn't work for an acoustic performance so Emilie ended up falling off the line on occasion.

Cameron "Sitting on the Dock of the Bay - Otis Redding"
You've got a 50% chance of going home....so why pick a bland easy-listening song to impress the viewers? As Frankie said he "de-Souled" the song. It's a good instrument he's got but he's let it run idle instead of revving it up. It's gonna cost him.

Rebecca "Yesterday - The Beatles"
A cliche song....but ample room for beautiful singing. Rebecca is the evidence that the $50,000+car would attract professional singers and she ramps it up to a level not seen so far tonight. It was perhaps a little too oversung, her big notes were damn big and pretty impressive...but were they really necessary? It may hurt her....but I ould be surprised if she didn't continue through to the Top 10.

Tonight was a good show, easily the best of the 3. It's a shame that those who have gone through already are less deserving than some who will miss out tonight..

My Top 3

Aroha showed some spunk
Ben may get the little girlies vote ala Michael Murphy

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Signed, Sealed, Delivered.

First up is Wiremu.
He loves his hair.
And apparently he loves his hair.

Wiremu "Oughtta be in Love - Dave Dobbyn"
Wizzy plays it real easy with this song. He sings it almost in an anal by-the-book way. He starts to loosen up later but it's just so boring and unimaginative that you wonder if he's trying...or whether this is simply as good as it gets. When Paul Ellis talked about "puddles in the parking lot being deeper than [Filipo's] performance" in Season 1.....he was really talking about this one. Wiremu's voice sounds nice...but if that's Top 10 material then George Bush is in Iraq for Democracy.

Stephen "You Will Know - Black Men United"
Stephen gets up and moves pretty easily on stage with an unknown song. His voice has a funny nasally tone to it, but there's a little bit of soul behind it. Unfortunately his face is utterly blank and there's nothing in the song to save the performance.

Vicki "Last Dance - Donna Summer"
This song is a dance classic and requires a good belter to do it justice. Vicki is in the lucky position of taking over from pregnant-wouldbe-man-killer Georgina. She gives it a damn good go but she simply doesn't have the voice to pull it off. It turns into more of a yelling performance - the shots of her screwed up face straining for notes made me cringe.

Toni "Bathe in the River - Mt Roskill/Hollie Smith"
Toni looks the part and it's nice to see someone choose a relevant song. Toni's voice sounds real tired though - too much practise? It starts off as a lovely soulful performance but Toni had nowhere to go after that and tries to bellow out some big notes - cue cringe-worthy facials and uncomfortable notes. She's mucked up big time and a cold is NO excuse. As an artist you find ways to get around it and an acoustic performance is the perfect vehicle for making a performance your own (apologies for the cliche) ie. If you can't hit those notes then change the line! Don't go back and do the same crap sound again 30 seconds later.

Victor "Can We Talk - Tevin Campbell"
What's with all the unknown songs? But Victor steps up to the plate and turns in the first decent performance of the night. Victor uses his voice well, sings with a good consistent tone and turns it up when he needs to, hopping into "Victor spirals" but keeping it controlled. It hardly sets the world on fire...but beggars can't be choosers.

Indira "Love Will Lead You Back - Taylor Dayne"
This is a great song and not one often performed by the girlies. Great for showing off with and Indira puts in the hard work and opens up the big big voice remiscent of Maselina and Rosita last year. She pushed a bit sharp sometimes but it was no contest when you look at the rest of the contestants.

What a crap show.
This year is severely disappointing

Top 3
Vicki was the most interesting of the rest.
Toni might get in based on her exposure during the show so far.
Wiremu might get the hair vote.
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Coming at you live from the 03

Since phantomb covered the actual singing part of Idol, I can talk about the stuff that actually matters, which means of course making fun of people.

I think I like the idea of them doing the theatre performances. I was quite impressed by 'Kids' which they all performed first - not on any musical or entertainment level really, but compared to the usual Idol shambles that group songs usually are, this seemed to be up to the standard of Finals Night, if you know what I mean. Which of course isn't a very high standard at all. And yes, I'm aware that my opinions of Idol are going to be even worse than usual since I am so into Rockstar. But having someone play what appears to be live piano offstage helps in cutting back on the squelchy backing tracks, so that's a good start.

Dominic is of course still waaaaay too orange. I agree with pretty much everything the judges say, but I'm surprised at how much harsher they are than in the old serieses. I suppose that not having a recording contract as a prize means that they don't have to pretend that anyone could have a hit record.

Unless George is aiming to look like he rides the special short bus, he should learn to actually open his eyes. I dig that he speaks fluent Maori, but what's up with his soundclip? Is he trying to say that Maori can overcome 200 years of oppression by singing and being on Idol? Well, that's a new one I suppose. Perhaps though, rangitiratanga is possible if George assembles an army who all sing Lionel Ritchie really badly (when Lionel sang it bad enough) all the time and drive everyone with ears out of the land.

Ashlee is as cute as a button, but is unfortunately dressed in the only bad outfit of the night. What's up with the slits in that dress? I'm not just talking about the bottom being split on both sides, but also above the (god awful ugly yellow) belt. Why would you slit a dress there? It makes no sense. I'd like to see her stay in though, she seems a thousand times more grown up that whatever that girl who looked like Claire was called last year. Although what's up with the spelling of her name? Or Alyce's, for that matter? And I was going to add in Lenken to that group until I found out he was Iraqi.

Lenken dances like Wrongo danced when he was singing Katchafire, and I think we all know by now how I feel about flavour savours. I thought the song was a fine choice though.

Alyce scrubs up lovely too. I really dig that grey dress, and her haircut. I like Alyce except for when she says she's doing it to make her family proud, not to get a recording contract. That's good dear, because as far as I'm aware, they're not offering a recording contract anymore because no one would take it on board, and they stopped advertising it. Duh.

Clinton working on Static 88.1 means that he is at AUT doing the same degree that I did, so he is therefore my favourite for a couple of reasons - 1. I won a dance contest with my flatmate at the Static Launch party when Eye TV played, and I used to do a segment on my friend's show called 'Creedwatch' when we would catch up with the latest from Mr Stapp and do the stance although you couldn't see that on air and 2. people who do the Communications degree are generally well-spoken and somewhat media savvy, and we so need someone who can produce decent soundbites on this show instead of the usual "duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh" speak of the contestants. I also like that he straight away proclaims where he's coming from by chosing a song done by both Elton John and George Michael. No skulking around toilet blocks for this boy, oh no.

Kali's dress is also very nice, very simple, and she seems wellspoken too, and should do okay for herself. So I'm going to go with Ashlee, Kali and Clinton going through. Or maybe Lenken instead of Ashlee. But you know, she's white, and he's like, a terrorist (obviously). But then again maybe the boppers will want that kind of bad boy...

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And we're back!

Here it is live from Christchurch!

Blah blah blah stuff stuff booger booger hurry up and sing already.

George "Truly - Lionel Richie"
- George is 16 and is an amalgam of the worst parts of Frank and Rongo. Hiz un intataynah un wotnot.
It's a sickly sweet Lionel Richie love ballad which George paints by numbers; barely moving until later in the song. Put simply, he just doesn't have the instrument to pull off a great performance. A good effort, but he was under the notes and lacked charisma and charm.
Stables tells it like it is.

Ashlee "I Turn To You - Christina Aguilera"
Ashlee certainly looks the part but does she have the voice and performance class to take it through to the next round?
She struggles with the agility needed for this song, unfortunately it just doesn't translate very well to an acoustic setting. Too many times she hops into her "little girl" voice when she needs to break out the big notes. It's extremely inconsistent throughout and never gets off the ground. She's every bit of her 16 years on stage which is a shame, because she promised a whole heap more from her audition.

Lenken "Brand New Jones - Thicke"
Vocally, this is class. Finally someone steps up and sings something with a bounce and beat. Lenken eats up this funky Jamiroquai-type number. This aint a well-known piece but it works as a complete performance, perhaps his stage manner needs to be a little tighter but it's the best performance tonight so far.

Alyce "Without You - Brooke Fraser"
Alyce starts swaying around to a lounge-type arrangement of Brooke Fraser's stripped back ballad. It's totally boring and forgettable so she's handicapped from the start. Her voice isn't strong enough to pull it off and is horrible exposed especially at the end. She moves around too much (gets stung by Frankie)

Clinton "Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me - Elton John"
Modern songs? This is 30 tears old and no-one says boo.
Clinton doesn't quite pull it off though - inconsistent styling hurts him in that he tries to croon initially, then tries to howl, then tries to hold the long bootiful notes. Clinton has the desire....but I don't think he ha the instrument. He's got a fantastic stage presence though and this'll carry him through deep into the top 10 despite the deficiencies in his voice.

Kali Imagine - John lennon"
A great song choice....if she keeps it simple.
But...no, she tries too hard to put her own spin on it and misses the point of the song. It's a clumsy performance and ends up as Stables said "very self-indulgent". A worrying thing after 3 years at Nasda is the kiwi accent coming through big and strong - nasty stuff.

My Top 3?
who knows? Could be Kali.

NB: Stables was excellent tonight. Didn't pull any punches in telling the idols exactly how it was. Was tough for them to hear....but very necessary.
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So I didn't see the first episode of Idol. Did anything actually happen? How are the judges?

I did, however, see Rockstar and I wrote about it over at Hubris. I'm still waiting to fall in love with a new Jordis. I don't think it's going to happen though, but Patrice looks to be a bit of a slow-but-steady burner like Suzy was...
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Rocking star

Does anyone actually still care about NZ Idol? Surely not. But Rockstar on the other hand, well that's worth breaking out the italics tags for. I'm going to recap once a week on Hubris I think, so here's a link to my current thoughts. Or should I post them here but behind cuts for those of you who are still kidding yourselves?
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I arrived in no fit state at SPQR on Friday night to find Rosita singing. I remember two things. First, I remember the song being beautiful. Second, I remember stupidly declaring my love for her.

Anyone else spotted the Idols since they disappeared from our screens?
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*pops in tape and watches Idol Finale*

Whoops...it seems I've missed the opening number...ah well.

The Boys - Tainted Love
This was incredibly dull. If they had performed this during the theatre round, the judges would've put on serious faces and waggled fingers and said stern things about "real competition".
Jesse stood out as the best voice of the eliminated boys

The Girls - Walking on Sunshine
Woohoo, an uptempo number after the snorefest before. Ohmigod Ashley smiled! What's the world coming to? Keshia looks like a a spokeswoman for Pineapple lumps and like Jesse before, shows that yes, she had the best voice of the eliminated girlies.

They cut to Randy Jackson who says that "Maoris can blow dude".....well yes I'm sure some of them do....ahem.

Jackie Clarke and Frankie Stevens - Put a Little Love in Your Heart
What a terrible choice of song. Frankie the bass is screaming away a whiffy tenor part, but he's got good technique so he does ok. Jackie just goes nuts spiralling all over the place. The audience looks kinda bored.

Paul goes to Kelly Tarlton to feed sharks.
??? Is this the most pointless filler you've ever seen? Yes, yes it is.

Ben and Sela - Never Say I Love You
Ben's hair looks like he just got out of bed. Sela looks beautiful.
Ben is on fire. He shows why he won Idol last year with a voice that's strong and assured, his falsetto is pinpoint perfect and the harmonies with Sela absolutely soar and put everyone else on the show to shame. In fact this duet is the best performance of the entire season.

Marcia waffles.

Before we know it it's envelope time.
Does anyone feel ripped off by this finale? There seems to have been little in the way of celebration or occasion.

Anyway, Rosita is crowned Idol, everyone reaches for each other gently. No "thanks to god" thank god. They cut to Ponsonby where Rosita's dad voted 30 times. Good one daddy-o.

Rosita - All I Ask
Time to end on a lame note with the idol song.
"This time, this moment....is meant to be"....awww it's so meaningful *scratch*.
The crowd shots show a subdued, polite audience.
This song is frustrating. Just as it starts to wind up they take it back to a quiet chorus and it goes nowhere after that. Oh and the idol logo Rosita is standing on rises up with smoke pouring out from underneath, just like the finale of Cats.
The confetti cannons go off, the crowd stands as directed by the TVNZ honchos, Rosita gets confetti in her mouth, people stand in front of the cameras, it's a messy messy finish.

That's it.

Who's Going Home